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NREEL Members

Chair of Natural Resources Law and Professor Nigel Bankes

  • Research interests: Carbon capture and storage; indigenous peoples' law, especially resource law (international and domestic); international water law (especially the Columbia River Treaty); domestic water law; oil and gas law (regulation and private law)
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Professor and Dean Emeritus Alastair R. Lucas

  • Research interests:  Constitutional jurisdiction over greenhouse gas emission regulation and carbon offset markets; regulation of interjurisdictional pipelines; environmental law and policy; comparative energy and environmental law; international environmental law; oil and gas and energy law
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Professor Emerita of Law Arlene Kwasniak

  • Research interests: Water law, wetland conservation law, public lands and resources law; municipal and planning law (in particular regarding economic instruments such as conservation easements and transfer of development credits); environmental law (in particular regarding environmental assessments); legal and policy issues concerning environmental sustainability
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Professor Sharon Mascher

  • Research interests: environmental law, international environmental law, climate law, natural resources law, mining and energy law, oil and gas law, property law and laws affecting Indigenous peoples
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Associate Professor Allan Ingelson

  • Research interests: Regulation of the Canadian and international energy and mining sectors
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Associate Professor Evaristus Oshionebo

  • Research interests: Law and policy governing extraction and mining of natural resources; regulation of transnational corporations in Africa's extractive industries; sustainable extraction of natural resources
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Associate Professor Shaun Fluker

  • Research interests: Access to the legal system for persons who advocate for environmental protection; the implementation of environmental norms in law; the regulation of environmental markets
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Associate Professor Nickie Nikolaou

  • Research interests: The regulation of energy and natural resources development; stakeholder engagement; liability for environmental damage; corporate social responsibility; the intersection between human rights and natural resources law; the role of governments in energy development
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Assistant Professor Anna-Maria Hubert

  • Research interests: Public International Law; Law of the Sea; International Environmental Law; International Law and Policy relating to Science and Engineering Technologies
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Assistant Professor Martin Olszynski

  • Research interests: Environmental, water and natural resource law and policy; environmental valuation; ecosystem services, management and adaptive management
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Assistant Professor Fenner Stewart

  • Research interests: Energy Law & Policy; Oil & Gas Law and Policy; Economic and legal presumptions that help shape the dominant nature of how businesses and markets functions
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Assistant Professor Elizabeth Whitsitt

  • Research interests: The relationship between international trade law and international investment law with a focus on principles of non-discrimination in each of those regimes; international trade and investment law implications for carbon management regimes; international investment law implications for sovereign wealth funds such as the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund and other similar energy revenue-based investment vehicles
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Adjunct Professor Dr. Lila Barrera-Hernandez

  • Research interests: legal and regulatory issues related to environmental, natural resources and energy law; indigenous peoples and global regulatory régimes

Research Associate Chilenye Nwapi

  • Research interests: Human rights and corruption in the context of extractive industries (with a focus on developing countries); corporate accountability for extraterritorial environmental rights abuses; transnational oil and gas pipelines; public participation in extractive resource development

NREEL Librarian Nadine Hoffman

  • Research Interests: Legal research; interdisciplinary research; natural resources, energy and environmental law; carbon capture and storage