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Submitted by kgz on Wed, 05/14/2014 - 1:39pm

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This is your go-to section of the CPDO website where you'll gain specific information on what's available in a legal career and regional-specific information to support you in your search!

The CPDO supports students in their career search across Canada. Familiarize yourself with the markets by reviewing the regional information section. You'll find we have particular outreach strategies to key markets such as Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto so make sure you know about how you can benefit from this. 

If you are interested in another market, please be sure to let one of our career advisors know early in law school of the market you are aiming for so they can provide you with specific support. You'll be a step ahead if you start understanding recruitment for that market early in law school. And, it is never too early to start strategically networking in that specific region when you have the opportunity.

Have no idea of what practice areas interest you? It is a good idea to start gaining an idea of what's out there starting in your first year of law school. You will continue to gain knowledge of various practice opportunities as you move through law school and beyond -- but don't wait! What you learn now will contribute to your conversations and important career decision making as you move forward. The Practice Profiles and Energy Law Careers tabs provide a start on this information gathering.

Many other exciting opportunities are also available in a legal career-- take a look at how a judicial clerkship can offer lasting value to your professional profile, consider participating on an international internship, such as with the United Nations Association of Canada (see the International Tab under regional information), or find out how you can build up your experience towards a legal career focused in the area of public interest.

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Don't forget these resources

It's important to understand who you are and what your goals are. Review the self assessment information in your year of study. The online version of the Career Guide will provide you with access to law firm and other legal employer information and recruitment details. Law firm information is also available through the Canadian Directory of Legal Employers at

For Job Postings, use your current student UCID and password to log onto CareerLink. CareerLink allows you 24/7 access to our latest job postings. Please click here to access the CareerLink page.