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Publications - James Coleman


  • "How Cheap is Corporate Talk? Comparing What Companies Tell Regulators With What They Tell Investors," 40 Harvard Environmental Law Review __ (2016), draft available on SSRN.
  • Book Review, Expanding and Transforming Energy Markets: International Energy Law's Moment, 33 International Energy Law Review __ (forthcoming 2015) (reviewing Research Handbook on International Energy Law, Kim Talus, ed. (2014)).
  • Calibrating Liquefied Natural Gas Export Life Cycle Analysis: Accounting for Legal Boundaries & Post-Export Markets (with Sarah Jordaan, Adebola Kasumu, Jeanne Liendo, and Vivian Li), CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF RESOURCES LAW, Occasional Paper (2015), draft available on SSRN.
  • "Importing Energy, Exporting Regulation," 83 Fordham Law Review 1357 (2014), draft available on SSRN.
  • "Unilateral Climate Regulation", 38 Harvard Environmental Law Review 88 (2014), draft available on SSRN.
  • "North American and Global Integration of Carbon Control Markets" in The Law of Climate Change in Canada (with Roger Martella & Jeffrey Gracer) (Dennis Mahony ed., 2d ed. 2012), abstract available on SSRN.
  • "An Empirical Analysis of Wealth Disparities in WTO Disputes: Do Poorer Countries Suffer From Strategic Delay During Dispute Litigation?" (with Geoff Antell), 29 Boston University International Law Journal 267 (2011), draft available on SSRN.
  • "Ratifying Kyoto via Local Actors: Accomplishments and Limitations of Local Cap and Trade Programs" (with Roger Martella), 40 Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review 10,780 (2010).
  • Comment, "The Slow, Just, Unfinished Demise of the Buckley Compromise: Randall v. Sorrell, 126 S. Ct. 2479 (2006)," 30 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 427 (2006).

Scholarly Presentations

  • Addressing Pollution in Other Countries: New Regulatory Models, New Problems, Calgary Sustainability Conference, Calgary, Alberta (June 2015)
  • New Energy Regulation: Changing Investment Decisions in the United States and Abroad, Natural Resources Law Teacher’s Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah (May 2015)
  • Corporate Regulatory Impact Predictions, Society for Environmental Law and Economics, Groningen, Netherlands (May 2015)
  • How Cheap is Corporate Talk? Comparing What Companies Tell Regulators With What They Tell Investors, Sustainability Conference on American Legal Educators, Phoenix, Arizona (May 2015)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas, Energy Trade, and the Climate, Alberta Student Energy Conference, Calgary, Alberta (March 2015)
  • An Energy Transport Revolution: Fracking and the Clean Power Plan, Iowa Law School, Iowa City, Iowa (March 2015)
  • Agricultural Regulation and Litigation, Federalist Society Iowa Lawyers Chapter, Des Moines Iowa (March 2015)
  • Moderator, Keynote Debate, Prospects for Liquefied Natural Gas in Canada: Environmental Regulation, Royalty Schemes, and Broader Environmental Goals, Canadian Association of Environmental Law Societies Annual Conference, Calgary, Alberta (February 2015)
  • United States Scrutiny and Regulation of Canadian Oil Production, Canadian Political Science Students' Association Conference, Calgary, Alberta (January 2015)
  • Petroleum and pâté: other nations’ efforts to influence Canadian crude production, Haskayne Hour, Calgary, Alberta (December 2015)
  • Environmental Matching Commitments, Notre Dame Law School London Roundtable on Valuation, Institutions, and Environment, London, England (November 2014)
  • Perils of Carbon Tariffs for Energy Trade & Climate Cooperation, Canadian Council on International Law Conference on Energy, Resources and Environmental Issues Igniting International Law, Ottawa, Ontario (November 2014)
  • Environmental Matching Commitments, University of Washington Junior Environmental Law Scholars Workshop, Seattle, Washington (July 2014)
  • Influencing Regulation in a Nation's Energy Trading Partners: Alternative Models of Unilateral Climate and Energy Regulation, European Consortium for Political Research, Barcelona, Spain (June 2014)
  • Regulation of Imported Fuel: Infrastructure & Lifecycle Regulations, Alberta Student Energy Conference, Calgary, AB (March 2014) (invited presentation)
  • Environmental Matching Commitments, Canadian Law and Economics Association Annual Conference, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Toronto, ON (September 2013)
  • Importing Energy, Exporting Regulation: Reconciling State Policy Innovation with National Energy Markets, Legal & Policy Pathways for Energy Innovation, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (April 2013) (invited presentation)
  • How Can Domestic Regulation Enable International Cooperation? International Conference on Law & Society, Honolulu, HI (June 2012)
  • Moderator, Developments in Greenhouse Gas Regulation: EPA, Courts, and Legislatures, American Bar Association's 41st Annual Conference on Environmental Law, Salt Lake City, UT (March 2012) (invited presentation)
  • Development of International Environmental Law, Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA (February 2012) (invited presentation)
  • How Can Domestic Regulation Enable International Cooperation? The Case of Climate Change, Junior International Law Scholars Association Conference, University of Georgia School of Law, Athens, GA (February 2012)