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Being located in Calgary allows the Faculty of Law to benefit from its association with one of the largest and most successful legal communities in Canada. This relationship has enabled us to enrich our teaching program through the participation of practicing professionals as sessional instructors and provides students with opportunities for workplace experience in clinical courses. Our students' experience is further enriched by the many visitors the faculty attracts, such as judges-in-residence, the presenters of named lectures and other visiting speakers.

Important information for all faculty members

Information for sessional instructors

  • Information about the distribution and collection of midterms, assignments, exams and final papers >>more

All sessional instructors have been assigned to a support staff person in the Faculty of Law to help with additional questions:

Sue Parsons

Chantal Pegg

Shirl Roch

Dean's Office

Ian Holloway
MFH 4398
Sharon Rayson
Executive Assistant to the Dean
MFH 4395
Nickie Nikolaou
Associate Dean, Academic
MFH 4380
Greg Hagen
Associate Dean, Research
MFH 4343
Susan Marks
Manager, Operations
MFH 4394
Tanya Degen
Administrative Coordinator
MFH 4391

Full-Time Faculty




Bankes, Nigel Professor 
Chair of Natural Resources Law

Office: MFH 4367 
Phone: 403.220.7252 

Brown, Catherine Professor Office: MFH 4318 
Phone: 403.220.7326 
Campbell, Lyndsay Associate Professor 
Cross-appointed with Faculty of Arts
Office: MFH 4341 
Phone: 403.220.8889 
Christopher, Michelle Associate Professor
Executive Director, Student Legal Assistance

Office: MFH 3390 
Phone: 403.220.8088 

Duffy, Maureen Assistant Professor Office: MFH 4313 
Phone: 403.220.7113 
Fluker, Shaun Associate Professor Office: MFH 4340 
Phone: 403.220.4939 
Girgis, Jassmine Associate Professor Office: MFH 4312 
Phone: 403.220.7251 
Hagen, Gregory Associate Professor
Associate Dean, Research
Director of Graduate Programs
Office: MFH 4343 
Phone: 403.220.4012 
Holloway, Ian  Dean
Office: MFH 4398 
Phone: 403.220.5447 
Hubert, Anna-Maria Assistant Professor Office: MFH 3344
Phone: 403.220.8762 
Ilg, Michael Associate Professor Office: MFH 4342 
Phone: 403.220.6479 
Ingelson, Allan Associate Professor 
Director, Canadian Institute of Resources Law
Office: MFH 3349 
Phone: 403.220.3802 or 403.220.3975 
Koshan, Jennifer Professor Office: MFH 4311 
Phone: 403.220.7329 
Laidlaw, Emily Assistant Professor Office: MFH 4315 
Phone: 403.220.7071 
Lucas, Alastair Professor
Director, Sustainable Energy Development Program
Office: MFH 3343 
Phone: 403.220.7111 
Mahoney, Kathleen Professor Office: MFH 4369 
Phone: 403.220.7254 
Mascher, Sharon Professor Office: MFH 4310 
Phone: 403.220.7327 
Nesbitt, Michael Assistant Professor Office: MFH 4314 
Phone: 403.220.2204 
Nikolaou, Nickie Associate Professor
Associate Dean, Academic
Office: MFH 4380 
Phone: 403.220.8790 
Olszynski, Martin Assistant Professor Office: MFH 3346 
Phone: 403.220.3816 
Oshionebo, Evaristus Associate Professor Office: MFH 4339 
Phone: 403.220.5946 
Sheley, Erin Assistant Professor Office: MFH 4337 
Phone: 403.220.3020 
Silver, Lisa Instructor Office: MFH 4338
Phone: 403.220.8023
Stewart, Fenner Assistant Professor Office: MFH 3347 
Phone: 403.210.9725 
Templeton, Saul Assistant Professor Office: MFH 4336 
Phone: 403.220.4183 
Tingle, Bryce N. Murray Edwards Chair in Business Law Office: MFH 4368 
Phone: 403.220.8247 
Tscherning, Rudiger Assistant Professor

Office: MFH 3348
Phone: 403.220.2062

Watson Hamilton, Jonnette Professor Office: MFH 4335 
Phone: 403.220.7253 
Whitsitt, Liz Assistant Professor Office: MFH 4316 
Phone: 403.220.7781 
Woolley, Alice Professor Office: MFH 3345

Adjuncts & Sessionals



Angelini, Filippo Law 650: Business Skills for Lawyers
Badami, Aditya (Adi) Law 579: Legal Theory - Commercial Law
Baker, Elliot Law 511: Criminal Process
Betteridge, Robert Law 525: Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law
Boyd, John-Paul Law 515: Family Law
Cascadden, Will Law 561: Employment Law
Christopher, Catherine Law 533: Wills & Estates
Clarke, Kim Law 607: Advanced Legal Research
Coe, Catrin Law 598: Trusts
Fradsham, A.A. Law 591: Provincial Court Clerkships
Francis, Greg Law 699: Labour Law
Ford, Michael Law 699: Labour Law
Gerbrandt, Ricki-Lee Law 406: Torts
Greene, Michael Law 698: Immigration & Refugee Law
Hibbard, Bruce Law 656: Business Law - Mergers & Acquisitions
Howard, Kimberly Law 647: Regulatory Theory
Hume, Kathryn
Law 599: Legal Practice - Legal Technology
Jantzi, Josh
Law 594: Aboriginal Law
Kary, Olga Law 648: Securities Law
Kathuria, Rick Law 599: Legal Practice - Project Management
Knoll, Pat Law 599: Legal Practice - Parliamentary Procedure
Kowalski, Mitch Law 599: Legal Practice - Innovation
Magnan, Caroline Law 693: Common Law En Francais
McKay-Panos, Linda Law 400: Constitutional Law
Menzies, Scot Law 689: Family Law Clinical
Munn, Jean Law 698: Immigration & Refugee Law
Pappas, Vasilis Law 557: Commercial Arbitration Law
Raby, Stephen Law 521: Real Estate Transactions
Reed, Darren Law 505: Civil Procedure
Rico, Melissa Law 593: Health Law
Riley, Beth Law 656: Business Law - Mergers & Acquisitions
Sandwith, Kyla Law 599: Legal Practice - Leadership
Sibold, Stephen Law 621: Corporate Governance
Spicer, Wylie Law 693: Law of the Sea
Van Vliet, Gordon Law 521: Real Estate Transactions
Viney, Christine Law 553: Insurance Law
Vegh, George Law 553: Insurance Law
Waite, Michael Law 593: Health Law

Emeriti & Retirees



Dais, Eugene Office: MFH 4305 
Phone: 403.220.7183 
Knoll, Pat Office: MFH 4305 
Phone: 403.220.7327 
Kwasniak, Arlene Phone: 403.970.1251
Levy, Chris Phone: 403.220.7183 
Rafferty, Nick Phone: 403.220.7248 
Rounthwaite, Ian
Phone: 403.220.7183 
Saunders, Iwan Phone: 403.220.7248 
Stalker, Anne Phone: 403.220.7183 


Chair of Natural Resources Law - Nigel Bankes

The Chair of Natural Resources Law was established through generous donations from the Calgary legal community and a number of resources companies. The role of the Chair is to teach and conduct research in the areas of natural resources, energy and environmental law within the Faculty of Law, and to interact closely with members of the legal profession engaged in practice in the field. 

To see a list of past Chair holders, click here.

N. Murray Edwards Chair in Jurisdiction and Business Law - Bryce Tingle

The N. Murray Edwards Chair in Jurisdiction and Business Law was created in 2009 through the generosity of N. Murray Edwards, a Calgary businessman, prominent philanthropist in the city, and one of the key individuals involved in building Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), one of Canada's largest resource companies. 

Chair holders have an international reputation in either constitutional law and policy (with a particular emphasis on provincial-federal regulations) or corporate law (including securities law), and with some experience in the natural resources sector. The Chair provides intellectual leadership and mentoring in the Faculty of Law and within the broader community, as a leading researcher facilitating research collaboration within and beyond the Faculty. The Chair holder teaches in areas related to the mandate of the Chair in the JD and graduate programs, conducts an independent program of research, supervises graduate students and provides appropriate committee and administrative service to the Faculty and the University. 

Milvain Chair in Advocacy

In 1979, in honour of Chief Justice Milvain of the Trial Division, Supreme Court of Alberta, who retired at the beginning of that year, the Calgary Bar Association undertook to fund a Visiting Chair in Advocacy at the law school. The purpose of this Chair is to enable the Faculty of Law to invite a leading counsel to the school each year to participate in the Faculty's Trial Advocacy course and to present a special lecture to students and members of the practicing and academic legal communities. The Chair is named the Calgary Bar Association Milvain Visiting Chair in Advocacy as a tribute to the wisdom, humanity and sound guidance the Chief Justice exercised as a member of the bench. 

For a list of past Chair holders, click here.

Honorary Professors

Our three Honorary Professors are role models and legal professionals that have been recognized by the Faculty of Law for their dedication to the practice of law and the legal community, as well as to the ongoing success of our law school.

  • Allan A. Fradsham
  • Alan D. Hunter, QC
  • John J. (Jack) Marshall, QC

Judge in Residence

Members of the judiciary often spend a sabbatical at the Faculty of Law. While here, they also participate in classes and other Faculty activities.

Past judicial sabbaticants include:

  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Bryan Mahoney, 2013-2014
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Lorne Giroux, fall term 2012
  • Her Honour Judge Heather A. Lamoureux, 2009-2010
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Justice Sol LoVecchio, 2007-2008
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice John Z. Vertes, 2006-2007
  • The Honourable Madame Justice Adele Fruman, 2005-2006
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Kenneth R. Hanssen, 2004-2005
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Terrence F. McMahon, 2003–2004
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Donald McLeod, 2001–2002
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Blair Mason, 2000–2001
  • The Honourable Madam Justice Carole Conrad, 1999–2000
  • The Honourable Madam Justice Elizabeth McFadyen, 1999

Admissions, Recruitment and Student Services

Catherine Valestuk
Director, Admissions
MFH 2382
Angela Gallo-Dewar
Director, Student Services
MFH 2387
Malina Jensen
Admissions Officer
MFH 2385
Eunice Wong
Graduate Program Administrator
MFH 2386
Therese De Long
Student Advisor/Administrative Assistant
MFH 2380

Career & Professional Development Office

Maryanne Forrayi
MFH 3356
Madeleine Natale
Career Advisor
MFH 3358
Rachelle Paddington
Administrative Assistant & Advisor
MFH 3354

Development & Alumni, Marketing & Communications, and Events

Kimberly Greenlaw-Arseneau
Director of Development
MFH 4344
Ryan Caswell
Fundraising Coordinator
MFH 4333
Ali Abel
Manager, Marketing & Communications
MFH 2384
Peter Dawe
Event Planner
MFH 4363