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Meet Our Alumni

Submitted by amabel on Wed, 11/09/2016 - 9:29am

Meet Our Alumni

Graduates of the Faculty of Law are heavily represented in various fields of law. The faculty is proud of the achievements of the growing contingent of graduates who are members of the bar and the bench, academics, activists, public leaders, business leaders, writers, journalists, homemakers... and the list goes on.

Want to know what your fellow classmates have been up to? Check out the list of alumni profiles below. Interested in what other University of Calgary alumni are up to? Visit the Peer Review podcast to hear their stories.

Barbara Hendrickson, LLB'82

Barbara Hendrickson is a successful Corporate Securities lawyer who owns her own boutique firm in downtown Toronto.


Bill Smith, LLB'03

A bad experience motivated Bill Smith to rethink how legal services are delivered.


Anne Kirker, LLB'91

In 2014, Anne Kirker was named one of the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.


Annethe Rodriguez, LLM’13

Annethe Rodriguez, LLM'13, wrote 10 exams to become an accredited lawyer in Canada.


Shannon H. Smallwood, LLB'99

Shannon H. Smallwood was the first Dene Supreme Court Judge in NWT.


Paul Colborne, LLB'86

Paul Colborne went from rowdy law student to a force to be reckoned with in the energy industry.


Cecilia Low, LLM'11

Cecilia Low was recently appointed a part-time hearing commissioner for the AER.

Tom Engel, LLB'79

Tom Engel was a member of the first graduating class from the U of C law school and has spent his years since then building a meaningful criminal defence practice in Edmonton.


Theresa Yurkewich, JD'13

Theresa Yurkewich, JD'13, currently lives in the Netherlands and works in the field of international public interest law.


Dan Wilson, LLM'16

Red Deer lawyer brings a world of experience to his master's studies.


Ashlea Richard, JD'13

Interest in the intersection of law, family and health care drives this alumna.


Hugh O'Reilly, LLB' 90

Hugh O’Reilly is the CEO of OPTrust and a leader in the field of pension law and management.


Tyler Shandro, JD'04

Tyler Shandro has long list of accomplishments, and he's not even 40.


Linda Taylor, LLB'79

A member of the law school's first class, Linda received the '14 Distinguished Alumni Award for her work with the UN.

Janna Crown, JD'17

Janna Crown hopes to work with artists and musicians as part of her legal career.


Rob Beck, LLB'92

Rob Beck has had a rewarding career working for Alberta Crown Prosecution Services.


Kim Kobayashi, LLB'83

Kim Kobayashi’s career is an example of the incredible heights that a legal career can take if you actively pursue opportunities for new experiences.


Milton Kiang, LLB'93

Milton Kiang is a prime example of the unexpected opportunities a law degree offers.


Daphne Rodzinyak, JD'15

Daphne's education included journal editing, student advocacy, and many other activities.


Alex Watson, JD'14

Alex Watson’s military career began at age 23, shortly after earning his BA in political science.


Nils Preshaw, LLB'01

In 2014, Nils Preshaw hung out his shingle and opened Preshaw Law in Vancouver.