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Why UCalgary Law?

We know that you have many options when choosing a law school in Canada. Here are just some of the reasons why UCalgary Law should be at the top of your list.

We see you as a person, not a number

At UCalgary Law you are chosen not just for academic excellence, but also what makes you unique. Your fellow first-year students are also chosen for that something extra. This means you will be part of a thriving student body that is not just academically bright, but diverse and engaged. That makes for a truly special law school experience.

What makes a law school great?

For starters, it takes a willingness to strive to be great, and that includes embracing change in how we educate students in the 21st century. According to the Canadian Bar Association, through its extensive review of the future of the legal profession "CBA Legal Futures Initiative," the legal profession in Canada has entered a period of tremendous change and lawyers of tomorrow will need a wider range of skills and competencies than those of the past. The key to thriving in the future legal market is innovation - including innovation in how lawyers are educated and trained.

Our ground-breaking Calgary Curriculum gives you the competence you need in understanding the concepts, methods, analysis, reasoning and critical perspectives in and about the law, as well as the ability to translate that knowledge into action. The Calgary Curriculum will fully prepare you for the exciting and complex professional world you will enter after graduation.

Clinic opportunities and experiential learning

The Calgary Curriculum builds on the UCalgary Law ethos of providing students with extensive opportunities for real-life legal experience. Our clinical programs provide exciting opportunities for our students to develop practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge.

Our unique courses position the law school as leaders in experiential education, in a variety of topics and research areas. Recent new course offerings include:

Our Mooting & Debating program gives students real experience in some of the key negotiation, advocacy and debate techniques required to succeed in the practice of law. In 2016, the UCalgary Law team won the Canadian competition of the world’s largest and most prestigious moot, the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, and advanced to the international rounds in Washington, DC. UCalgary Law teams also won the 2016 Donald G. Bowman National Tax Moot. Our students are frequently recognized as some of the top oralists at national competitions.

Summer positions and articling placement rates

Our articling placement rate is typically the first or second highest of any law school in the country; this is the case in both good and challenging economic times. No one knows the Calgary legal market better than our Career & Professional Development Office, and no law school has stronger ties to that market. Calgary is the second largest legal market in Canada and our students enjoy unprecedented access to that market during their three years of law school, and have made an indelible mark on the Calgary legal community after graduation.

UCalgary Law students typically receive a significantly higher number of articling placements in the Calgary legal market, as well as the most offers for 1L and 2L summer placements and internships in the Calgary legal market of any law school in Canada. This year, our students received approximately 48% of positions being offered in the national Calgary market 2L recruit. The next two highest law schools had approximately 8% each. The majority of these placements lead to articling offers. If you want to be part of the sophisticated and diverse Calgary legal market after graduation, there is no better place to get your legal education and to start building your professional network than UCalgary Law.

Our Career & Professional Development Office also has full-time resources devoted to those interested in non-traditional legal careers as well as small to mid-sized firms and regional markets. With approximately 30% of our student body from out-of-province, they also successfully place students in national recruits in markets such as Vancouver and Toronto.

Scholarships and bursaries

The UCalgary Law Entrance Awards of Excellence, valued at up to $260,000, are prestige awards offered annually by the Faculty of Law to those students who are considered by the faculty to best reflect excellence in their undergraduate achievements, and the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the law school community and beyond. We also have many other scholarships, bursaries and financial aid to help you finance your legal education.

Have questions?

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